Beautiful. Peaceful. Charming. Warm. Unforgettable. All words That spring to mind for any traveller to Laos.

Viengchampa Tour

Has years of experience serving and looking after the clients of some of the best tour operator company with local people, we know Laos better than anyone else, and we don't forget how to look after you personal service.

The country

Lao P.D.R is a small landlocked country on the South East periphery of Asia. The Lao P.D.R comprises a variety of breathtaking and unspoiled natural scenery, mountains, rivers and hill tribe villages which blend into a beautiful landscape. The Lao P.D.R has lush mountain rice, a product of its rice noodle and daily meal feeding Laotian and its visitors from all around the world.

The Lao people, always at the ready with a smile and a tale to spin, will charm visitors with the warmth of their welcome and unrivaled wit.